Cubase 12.30 Eucon Fader Order doesn't follow MixConsole Zones

Cubase Pro 12.30 - When using Zones in a mix console window to snap certain channels to the left or right, the S3 Eucon control surface does not follow correct Left to Right Order of channels on screen.

To reproduce

  1. Set Eucon Prefs in Cubase Pro’s Studio/Studio Setup to enable displaying many channel types, and select “Mirror MIxConsole Channel Visibility” like so:

  2. Use a Eucon layout where all faders are set to Auto-Assign like this:

  3. In Cubase, Open the Mix Console and change some mixer Channels to snap to the left or right zone, creating fixed splits like so:

On my S3, the faders are displayed in reverse order, where Faders 1-8 are displaying the LAST 8 Rhythm Guitar FX tracks on screen.

Eucon seems to be ignoring Zones, and rather defaulting to always display tracks in their Center Zone order, or rather the order from top to bottom on the left hand side of the screen.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing a Cubase/Eucon preference to force the S3 to follow the exact left to right channel order displayed in the mix console window regardless of whether or not we use Zone splits?



this is something I’m really missing and I hope Steinberg will fix this as soon as possible. The banks selection in Avid S1/S3 follows (ascending) the number of the tracks and not the tracks order/visibility (the configuration) in the mixconsole.

Please Steinberg FIX this as soon as possible, this is very frustrating!

To anyone: is there a workaround for this problem?

Thanks and bye,