Cubase 12.52 does not start anymore

It does sometimes
its loading and then shortly before the main screen it just disappears.
here the log file
any help?
Cubase 64bit 2023.3.24 (678.5 KB)

It is caused by this plugin

Same issue - workaround does not work as well (new installation, delete or rename old cubase files). Cubase starts and stops when video player is loading than cubase is gone. This is the only software that makes trouble anytime.

The problem of the user in this thread has nothing to do with the Video Player.

However I never had that issue and actually it does crash when the video player is starting to load.
Opus is an EastWest Plugin, didnĀ“t change it actually.
I did re-install an older plugin, however it should let Cubase crash.
Very annoying tbh :confused: