Cubase 12 activation problem again

Hi Everyone,

old problem i guess… Can’t activate C12, here are some facts:

  • i have dongle eLicencer with cubase 10.5 working fine on win7 (separate HD and system)
  • i’ve installed upgrade to C11 but I’ve found out it doesn’t work on win7
  • i’ve bought another HD and win11 has been installed, second HD with win7 and C10.5 is still working if selected at boot stage
  • I’ve installed C11 on new HD with win11 from file I had already downloaded, with serial numbers provided in email C11 could not be activated and did’t started. Download code for Download Manager not valid, serial provided on my Steinberg account not valid
  • I’ve bought then C12 upgrade and installed it on win11, serial provided on Steinberg account not valid, download code for Download Manager not valid, Steinberg Activation Manager says “no licence found” and yellow dot with exclamation mark
  • i’ve unistalled C11 (never worked) and C12 (grace period) and installed it again via download manager but it didn’t help
  • both download codes (C11 upgrade and C12) for download manager don’t work, Download Manager says “codes already used”

Can someone explain me why I have to go through this mess?

How can I just start to use software I’ve paid for?

Can I just obtain working serial number from someone that will activate product I’ve paid for?

Thank you for your support,


Welcome to the forum.

Please take screenshots of your eLicenser Control Center software (hide the dongle serial numbers) and the Steinberg Activaction Manager, so me and other forum users can know which licenses you have access to.

First, please connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to this computer, run the eLicenser Control Center, and click the Maintenance button to the top right to make sure that all information is up to date.

Which upgrade(s) did you purchase according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email?

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Hi, thank you for your support

This doesn’t work, done already 10 times:

“First, please connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to this computer, run the eLicenser Control Center, and click the Maintenance button to the top right to make sure that all information is up to date.”

here is what i see:

For this Cubase Pro 12 upgrade to work, first you’ll have to apply your Cubase Pro 11 upgrade. Please enter the Download Access Code for “Cubase Pro 11 UD 2” (starts with 11GU2) into the Steinberg Download Assistant. If that doesn’t work, please enter the Activation Code (starts with 0240 7CET) into the eLicenser Control Center.

Please take a look at your email receipts to check if you purchased the correct update to Cubase Pro 11. It should say “Cubase Pro 11 Update from Cubase Pro 10.5”.

Well, it won’t work. Ive tried many times. Problem is that on new system there is no 10.5 installed and thus there is nothing to be upgraded. Ive installed 11 straight away on fresh win11. It should be absolutely obvious that people using 10.5 are working often on win7 and need to install new system.

none of download codes work, none of activadtion codes work neither. All codes i have are usless and give no results.

I just need to obtain working activation code for 12 or fresh download code for complete 12 for download manager which will work with activation code I already have (if i understand this system right).

if i need to pay something more and my upgrade path was wrong - i just want to know it and solve it.

Let me know, thank you!

That’s why I’m asking for you to check your email receipt for the Cubase Pro 11 update from Cubase Pro 10.5. I suspect that you purchased the wrong update license, for example, maybe you got an update that was actually intended for Cubase Artist or Cubase 10.

Cubase Pro 10.5 doesn’t need to be installed. The only requirement is for the license to be present in your USB-eLicenser, which should be connected to your computer.

What Cubase license do you have according to the eLicenser Control Center?

What happens specifically when you enter the Cubase Pro 11 update codes into the Steinberg Download Assistant and/or eLicenser Control Center? Do you get some kind of error message?

I also have problems with activation,
I had the trial version of Cubase Pro 12 installed.
Meanwhile I bought Cubase Artist 12 at my local music shop, installed it, entered the activation code. When the Pro 12 trial period had expired, there was no automatic switch to Artist 12. The icon is still the blue Cubase 12 icon. There is no Cubase Artist 12 in my list with installed programs. When I reinstalled the programm element and entered the code ( again ) I got the message that it is already in use. I submitted a ticket how to get it working. No answer. It is very aggrevating. I can’t continue my project.