Cubase 12 Activation Problem

Hi, I own Cubase 12 since the day it came out and installed the 12.0.10 update (Windows 10) yesterday. Everything works just fine, but I have problems with the new activation manager. Although I have installed it and Cubase 12 on one PC only, “My Steinberg” shows two activations. When I deactivate Cubase 12 in the activation manager, one installation remains in “My Steinberg”.
I called the Steinberg Support Centre in Hamburg and a very friendly woman erased that remaining activation from my account. But: Yesterday I saw, it’s back there again.
I really don’t know where this activation comes from. I didn’t change any hardware, just installed some software updates and a Windows 10 update. Also I changed the driver of my Apollo Twin USB sound interface. I really don’t know how to prevent this issue in the future. I’ll call the support again and I’m sure they will erase it again. But how will I prevent the wrong activation to come back, when I don’t know where it’s comming from?
Anyone out there who can help or having the same issue?

Hi again,
today I found the possible reason, why there were two Cubase 12 activations in my Steinberg account, though it is installed only on one computer:
I had Cubase 12 activated on my Music-PC, then
switched on an external USB - harddrive to save some files and from this time on I had two activations in “My Steinberg”- account. I realized that after I had turned off the external device.
Then I turned the external device on again, deactivated Cubase 12 and made a PC reboot. When I activated Cubase 12 after the reboot, only one activation remained in “My Steinberg”.
I think that’s very strange and shouldn’t be that way.
Maybe and hopefully Steinberg will change that.