Cubase 12 Activation Problems

Ive just upgraded and installed Cubase 12 on start up I get put through to sighn up for activation and get stuck with this message.
Authorize Steinberg Activation Manager

To authorize Steinberg Activation Manager, you must allow your browser to open Steinberg Activation Manager. Once authorization is completed, you can close this page and continue working with Steinberg Activation Manager.

Ive tried using a different browser turning off security but just stuck on this page.
Im running Windows 11

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Have you tried to open the Steinberg Activation Manager on its own? You can also activate the license directly in there.

Same here
It thinks your browser is causing Activation manager not to authorize
I check my Firefox and it is not blocking, so i do not know what is going on.
We are spending lots of wasted time getting nowhere.
If i go the download assistant route , i get all the way and the last bit is just red no entry signs where the picture of keys are and it says you have no licence to activate.
Has Norton or Firefox got anything to do with it?

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Could you temporarily disable your Norton Anti-virus to see if that allows you to complete the sign-in process?

Hi Ben
I had done that and still no luck
I found the Activation manager and activated it that way and it looked all through my vst’s and when it got to video player it froze after a few minutes. Back to task manager.
when i tried again that big grey box comes back asking me if i want to deactivate third party plugins etc. i tried , but no luck.
So i again and at the same point freeze again.
I also get the message whatever way i try it says NO LICENCE TO ACTIVATE.
It does show activate in the Activation Manager. I find that odd as i have not entered the code that was sent to me. It just said activated
If i go through download assistant, i put the code in and get to the end screen where the licences are and it then says no licence to activate again.
This is all getting so confusing and time consuming I hate being a beta tester!1lol.

All the Best

Hi John - sorry for the trouble!

Could you share some screenshots of the messages you are seeing?

hi Ben Sorry for delay as i am not used to putting photos out
The first screen was the last screen usingDownload assistant.
Then activation Manager.
I left other screens out as there wer codes on them and steinburg maybe sensitive about it.

Hope this is a small way to finding what’s up.

All the Best

It looks like this problem is unrelated to the activation now, as you’ve got a fully activated Cubase 12 license. Nevertheless, if you have any plugins that rely on eLicenser licenses, you’ll still need that eLicenser to be connected.

From what I understand, if you’re having issues with the Video Player hanging on startup, you should take a back up of your preferences and then delete them to see if it unblocks the start-up process.

Hi Ben
What do you mean by back up preferences . I cannot get Cubase 12 to open
I am at a loss what to really do as Cubase 11 is ok ,why not 12.

All the Best

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From time to time, there are sometimes settings or preferences that conflict when there are updates.

Here’s a page that explains where to find the preferences files. I’d recommend you zip them up and copy them somewhere safe and then delete the folder.

Hopefully Cubase 12 should start up once you’ve done that.

I just look into the destination from users and i really do not know what i am doing.
All the files in the final destination point looked dfferent to what i would expect preference files to look like , so i took them all out and put them in a foder on D drive
Then oi found out that Activation manager was gone .
I messed up completely and now i have had to re- image my C drive.
I should really not have to mess around like this for what i have paid for.
I am totally lost here . I need a step by step guide for idiots really.
all the best

Hi John,

Sorry to hear that you’re no further forward. If you need to reinstall Steinberg Activation Manager, you can download it directly from here:

Perhaps something to try would be to launch Cubase again and when you see that “Safe Mode” dialog, choose the option to “Delete preferences”.

Sorry for all the trouble!

John- if you haven’t wiped your drive yet, you might try this. Take the folder you put on the D drive and put it back (if you remember where it goes).

This was on Cubase 11 for me, but it sounds the same. I’m on a pc, and I had to go into
C/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 11/ Components
and remove a file called videoenginepro.dll

In your case it would be Cubase 12. It’s a ‘hidden folder’, so make sure you have enabled that in view. Disabling preferences and whatnot didn’t work for me.
Worth a try anyways.

Hi Ben
I will have another go when C drive is done.
I did have Cubase 12 up and running first time , but i had a black screen before startup and after a lot of headaches i found out that it was the grahic drivers and also i had a numerator problem which i do not know what that was for and two unknown devices which were supposed to be ASmedia drivers . I have asmedia 3.0 and 3.01 and no problems with the USB sockets at all.
In my stupid judgement i re-imaged the drive from late January and then the unknown driver problem wen tand it was only when i updated the Nvidia driver to the latest all problems went.
Then sods law, this Cubase thing started. My machine and all synths from a
Arturia , Korg , Sampletank etc with Cubase 11 was working like a dream.
I have just really got going with VST and i had been working on songs using Yamaha Genos and Cubase 11. So really my preferences thus far is really backing up the songs that i have done editing midi and turning them to wave and then use Ozone which i have just got used to.
Do you think that any further trouble , i should uninstall Cubase 10.5 and 11 which is still on the drive after saving my song files Midi/wave. ?
I cannot think of anything else at the moment.

all the best

hi Felis
I just have reimaged C drive only.
Big thanks for your suggestion as i will try when my re -image comes out of the microwave lol.
i will come back later as dinner is now up here in the UK.
All the best

Hi Felis
What happens then to people who want to do video .Does that mean that you cannot if you have got rid of a video engine dll. Surely that is a Steinberg programming problem not ours

All the best

Hi Ben and Felis
Well It is a combination of you both that has led to a compromise that got me into Cubase 12 just once.
If i now take the video engine out it got me in just once
when also disabling program preferences.
Now the problem is getting past initializing Chord pads

chord pad
Freeze again

I’m still unable to activate my Cubase Artist 12 license.

I purchased the upgrade from Elements 10.5 to Artist 12. When entering my activation code in eLicenser I receive the message that says “The license upgrade you are about to perform will work only for licenses which reside on a USB-eLicenser” and that I need to transfer my Soft-eLicenser to and USB -eLicenser.

The whole reason I purchased the upgrade was that the dongle was no longer needed. I do not own a dongle and have no interest in purchasing one just to transfer the license. This was not mentioned when purchasing the upgrade. Is there any way to transfer the license without a dongle?

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@Eric_Oppitz I read a post from either Ben or Matthias saying that this problem is being looked into. Sorry, I do not remember the title of the topic.