Cubase 12 - All VST's in one folder?

Well this is embarrassing.

I tried to install or move all my VST’s to one folder, thinking it would be easier to find them, and would make Cubase boot up faster. Well that turned into disaster, as the more I changed things, the more VST’s weren’t showing up in Cubase. Even a few VST’s I did not move disappeared.

I even moved Cubase instrument VST’s and lost those as well, because I couldn’t remember where they originally were. So I removed Cubase, and now it won’t reload. Cubase Download Assistant gives me an error message andt shuts me down.

So I delete more folders out of the Steinberg folder trying to get it to downlaod but nothing helped. I am on a trail version and that may not be helping things. But I actually bought the upgrade to 12 Pro on Friday but for some reason it does not show up in my account. I emailed support about that but haven’t heard from them yet.

I’ve really done a lot of stupid things here, but I do like my idea of having all VST’s in one folder. I have many libraries scattered over 4 SSD’s. It takes a long time for Cubase to scan them all. It seems it would be much quicker if the were all in one location.

Is there way to accomplish this without screwing everything up like I did?

PS: Any suggestions on how to get Cubase 12 to reinstall would also be appreciated!

I should clarify I mean all VST dll files in one folder. Not the entire program.

I got Cubase 12 reloaded by downloading it directly from the website. But it’s missing a lot of content, and my download manager won’t allow me to reinstall anything that I’ve already downloaded. I get error messages on all of them. If it worked I could fix my problems, but it doesn’t. I really don’t understand why it is broken. Frustrating.


What error message do you get, please?

Thanks for the response. Now Cubase and other features are stuck on “Luanching…”. The ones that say “install again” give me the same error message.

I think it would easier and faster to completely nuke Cubase 12 and start over. And that’s what I was initially trying to do, If someone could tell me how to do that it would be much appreciated.

Spectral Layers, HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent One have no .dll files. So why (how) did you move them?
They are all VST3.

There is one place where all VST3 plugins should have a symbolic link too, and this implicates that it doesn’t matter where they are installed as long as the installer sets the symbolic link in that directory.
To remove that symbolic link is a very bad idea. It could be that you did this. This will screw up everything.

Who was telling you that?

Actually I did move the VST3 files, and considered that one of my mistakes. I thought that Cubase looked for dll files.

I tried to create one location for all of them for two reasons.

One is that Cubase was not finding some of my libraries. I fixed a lot of it but it 's still not finding some. So I thought one location for all of them would simplify things. it of course did not.

Two is because I also own FL Studio. I’m having a lot of trouble getting it to find almost all of my 3rd party VSTs, and always have. I thought one location for VSTs might help there as well.

So there you go. Thanks for making me type all of that when you made no effort to help me. You posted only to criticize. In spite of you I have managed to fix it. I had to uninstall the downloader program and reinstall it. Everything is working fine now.

Moving libraries for Steinberg products should be done with the Library Manager.
It’s installed together with some other products.