Cubase 12 and 11 - Stuttering issues

Hey guys. I’ve been having some issues with audio stuttering. Maybe someone will know what to do. I use Cubase 11.5 and had this issue so I downloaded the trial of 12 and it’s still happening.

I have a new pc with a 12900, Nvidia 3090, 64 gigs of ram, 2 terabyte NVMe and I’m using Ikmultimedia’s Axe I/O. The asio guard isn’t really going high or anything. No matter where I set the buffer, I’m still getting the stuttering/crackling. It keeps happening in random spots.

I used the Latencymon and it mentioned maybe something about my Bios. I’ve downloaded the most recent Bios and drivers for everything and I’m clueless. Anyone know what could be happening here?

I have faced similar problems for many years, although I have a good computer and I bought a professional sound card from RME and did not help solve stuttering /crackling issues

Six months ago, these problems have become from the past, due to one of the ASUS GPU software that has a Gaming Booster option to optimize system performance by close some Unnecessary System Services and adjust Windows visual effect Etc
it’s called GPU Tweak II
I don’t know if it works with any GPU, or just with ASUS cards… I know that there are many similar software, but this specifically helped me to solve all audio Stuttering & Choppy issues.

Good suggestion!
@fallofparadise does it also happen if you are using your onboard graphics (as long as your system supports that)? Just to be sure.

Never had problems with Intels onboard graphics. But had to buy a GPU for my 4k monitor.
I then had a AMD RX 590 in my Rig, and it was impossible to record 10 seconds without a little “pop/click”. I then bought a GT1030 and never had an issue again.

My pc was a prebuilt and doesn’t have onboard graphics. Do you think the Nvidia GeForce 3090 card is what’s the problem? I’ve downloaded the studio drivers too, not the game drivers. Still giving me issues.

To be honest I never had luck with overpowered GPUs. Especially those used for gaming. If you cannot borrow a GPU from a friend just to try if the issue goes away or is different, my advice would be to buy something like a GT1030 (don’t know if there is a newer model out there now), and try that one out. If it does not solve anything, send it back, no money lost and in addition you know the issue is somewhere else. If it does, there is your solution.

If you need the 3090 for video editing stuff or even gaming, leave both GPU connected and just disable the 3090 when working with a DAW.