Cubase 12 and CPU usage

I have Cubase 12 pro ,
Windows 10 Pro
i5 2,8 6 core CPU
32 Gb ram

and i have 30 tracks (virtual instruments) freezed, but it is impossible to to anything with it, because all i hear is “crackling” noise and see cpu usage almost as 100 % (most of it is used by Cubase).
What should i do?

Do you have asio gears enabled? What about the Cubase power plan also?
What audio interface and what size buffers are you using? Have you tried increasing the buffers?

I have focusrite 2i2
I turned on power scheme and my buffer size is 256.
It helped a bit but now i have also a huge latency on my keyboard
and it is impossible to play anything in time with it, The latency is even if i decrease the buffer size.

I meant asio guard. Auto correct put gears!

If you have high latency even with low buffers ( low is below 96 or 128 with an RME device ) then do you have plugins on the master bus? And plugins in the path will introduce latency. When playing midi always makes sure there are no plugins on the track you are playing on or the master bus. Plugins mean effect plugins.

How about checking out this article

So the weord thing is that when i delete all the tracks and keep only one or load only one vst instrument on the same project, the latency stays.
Any ideas?

Have you selected the correct asio driver?

yes i have selected Focusrite USB

Screen shots of studio interface setup and the master bus inserts. What latency is Cubase reporting in the studio interface configuration?

Just a quick question, maybe someone knows.
I use a lot of KOMPLETE KONTROL instead of Kontakt 7.
Would this be the issue, can komplete kontrol take more resources than Kontakt 7?

Could be a mismatch between your audio device’s sample rate/bit depth and what you’ve set in Cubase possibly. The setting “Release audio drivers when program in background” being set to release the audio drivers when Cubase is in the background can distorted and choppy audio too if another program latches onto the drivers using a different sample rate and bit depth, that don’t match what you’re using in Cubase, as it’ll not let the drivers go when Cubase tries to use them so it’ll be trying to play say 96k through the locked in 41.4k set drivers.

Can also be the “default output bug” :
Check out this link (click on it to reveal the fix).

Or a huge glitch with Multi-Processing which can exhibit similar symptoms :