Cubase 12 and Korg nanoKONTROL 1 - problem with mute button on channel 6

I’m using a Korg nanoKONTROL 1 with Cubase 12 with the built in MIDI Remote function, and the mute button for channel 6 doesn’t work. But not only that - it causes strange behaviours with the other buttons. I’m on an M1 MacBook Pro with MacOS 12.6.

When I press the button, the MIDI activity indicator shows that there is input. Using MIDI Monitor, I can see that the button is sending cc# 38, which is correct, however the input is not is not recognised by MIDI Remote, and after pressing it, the other buttons don’t respond until they have been pressed three times, or a fader has been moved. All the other buttons, knobs, and faders work the way they should.

If I use the Korg Kontrol Editor and use the “write scene data” function, the mute button is recognised for one press and then goes back to not working again.


This known and already reported MIDI Remote issue. The MSB/LSB pairs don’t work after each other as expected.

If you send MIDI CC00 and then immediately MIDI CC32, the very first value of the CC32 is ignored. This is not problem for an encoder or a slider, but it’s problem for the buttons.

So in your case, you move the 6th fader, which seems MIDI CC6 and then you press the Mute button which seemses MIDI CC38. This is the MSB/LSB pair, so the first press is filtered out.

Thanks for the information.

In my case, the button that outputs CC # 38 is always ignored no matter what fader or button precedes it. All the other buttons work just fine.

Is there a workaround?


Can you use any MIDI Monitor application to verify the button sends the MIDI CC out, please?

Yes - it sends CC #38 at values 0 and 127.


I’m sorry, I have nanoKontrol 2 here, not the 1st generation, so I cannot verify.

Does the MIDI CC38 make sense? Does it follow the line is the buttons’ CCs?

Yes. The mute button on channel 5 is #37 and channel 7 is #39

I got a response from Steinberg Support that solved the problem

" Some of the supported MIDI controllers require additional settings to work with Cubase.
Further details are here available
Using Supported MIDI Controllers with MIDI Remote"

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Thank you for sharing.

Tis is not the case for nanoKontrol 2, because the script sends the SysEx message with the requested settings to the hardware, while loading the script.