Cubase 12 and Win10 20H2

I’m running a Win10 20H2 system with many working programs and custom environment settings and I know that any OS upgrade always brings me some troubles and waste of time.
So I became very careful with OS upgrades, performing them only when they are strictly necessary, for serious incompatibility issues with the programs I have to use or for substantial security reasons (or, secondarily, for objectively better performance and functionality).

So my question now is:
can C12 run under Windows 10 20H2 or does it mandatorily require at least 21H1?

System requirements define 21H2 as a minimum, so that is what you need.

It might work on lower versions, but that is on your own risk.

I hoped I could find, here in the forum, someone who has tried to run C12 in 20H2 (just for test purposes, or because unaware of the stated requirements).
Maybe Steinberg, as a standard, sets the requirements based on the latest OS version available when a new Cubase is released.
Or maybe 21H1 actually has something that C12 absolutely needs.
That’s what I’d like to find out.

Just go ahead and try it, there is a trial version available.

Just as a remark, you need 21H2, not H1.

I know I can try on my own.
I can also buy the upgrade and then, in case C12 doesn’t work (or doesn’t even install), update the OS.
I just hoped that in the forum, obviously attended by many users sharing many different experiences and opinions, I could run into someone who has already had the opportunity to verify.
Or in some profound connoisseur of the program who exactly knows what the motivations of the new “minimum requirements” are.

That’s right. My mistake.
Thanks for your remark.
Actually I was planning to upgrade directly to the forthcoming 22H2.
The “problem” is that, from what I understand, to be able to take advantage of the “partner products” included in the current Cubase Sale you must not only buy C12 but also activate its license (and I don’t know whether this can be fully done without the program being installed and running).
Not much of a problem, anyway; just a little discomfort. I’d just like to be sure it is actually needed.

UPDATE (for anyone interested)

I did the upgrade, installing C12 and also all the “partner products” included in the Cubase Sale (a simple, albeit somewhat long procedure, with the creation of the various accounts and the installation of the necessary “license managers”).
Everything seems to run. I had no errors or warnings whatsoever.

Obviously I have not yet been able to thoroughly test all the functions I need, but apparently Win10 20H2 does not prevent C12 from installing and running.

However, if objective incompatibilities arise later, I will move on directly to 22H2, which apparently should be released very soon.