Cubase 12: ARA Extension Issue with Spectra Layer 8

Hi folks! I am having issues with the new ARA Extension Audio Channel feature.

Basically I just open Cubase 12 Pro, then I import a WAV audio file in the project with 24Bit of Bit Rate and 44.1kHz of Sample Rate, I set the SpectraLayers 8 in the ARA Extension in the Audio channel, not in the upper right part of the window but yes in the new Audio channel ARA feature, once the SpectraLayers open after I double click the audio event, I try to execute the “Unmix Component” or “Unmix Stems” feature, you know, the one which processes the audio and separates what is vocals, drums, etc., once I click on one of them, the Cubase application closes right away.

If I try such a process using the previous upper right ARA Extension field instead, then it works normally.

Attached you have the stacktrace related to this error.
cubase-12-ara-error-stacktrace.pdf (366.7 KB)


we’ve found the problem. Thank you for your report! SpectralLayers (SL) is missing the selection from Cubase. It goes like this

  1. New Project
  2. Add Audio Track
  3. Add SL on Track Level (New Feature)
  4. Attention : The “Editor Tab” in the lower zone is not focused!
  5. Import an audio file to the Audio Track. The UI of SL is still not visible
  6. Open the Editor of SL. Double click to Audio Event or click to the “Editor Tab”.

Note that the Layer in Editor of SL is not highlighted! That’s the main problem. The layer in SL needs to be highlighted before you do the ”unmix" feature.

There are two workarounds

  1. Always select the layer in SL before you are doing the “unmix”
  2. Re-Select the Audio Event in Cubase. Click somewhere in arrangement, the Audio event will be unselected and click again to the audio event. Now the Layer is SL is selected

The fix will be added to the “next-next” update of Cubase. Sorry it’s too late for the next update.

See you,