Cubase 12 Artist license problem

Hello everyone. In September 2021, I bought a UR22C interface, together with the basic version of Cubase 11. After some time, I bought a license for

Cubase Eléments 11 (€ 49). On May 24 this year, I bought an upgrade to Cubase 12 Artist (€ 259). license for USB-elicenser. I have already sent two inquiries to the Steinberg support department (I have confirmation) and I have not received a reply to any of them. I am disappointed that the purchase was made so quickly and without problems and then no one is interested in solving my problem. maybe one of you can help me, I would be grateful. I attach screenshots. Regards

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hi Piotr.

this is normal, Since Cubase 12 there is no more dongle/e-licenser. you must do everything thru the Steinberg Download Assistant and the Activation Manager. If you want to run v11 you can do that with your dongle (or soft ). For Cubase 12 to run just download and install - then run and it will activate if your computer is online

Then why i got the message then my Verification is Pending adn expires in two weeks?

because you have done the upgrade process twice or didn’t start the program from what I understand.
Screenshot 2023-06-09 112129

Are you sure you did buy the correct update?

That’s ok, Steinberg send me the instructions to solve the problem,i don’t what was wrong but it’s OK now.Thanks for help.