Cubase 12 Artist - Plug-in option/button missing when Direct Offline Processing

I don’t see this as a missing or added feature when looking at the comparison chart with cubase pro vs. artist. I do not see the button for “plug-in” when direct offline processing or even when I just chose to “process” audio. What’s weird is at the track level I can insert and use plugin effects all day long, but when I actually try to edit any audio file part/clip I cannot use cubase effects or plugin effects. I can only do basic audio processing like reverse, fade in out, etc. I do not see this button like you see here in this screenshot. The plugin button in the top left

In the chart, Pro is displayed as having Direct Offline Processing, Artist does not.

Oh, I definitely have direct offline processing. I just can’t use “effects” on it. I can direct offline process all day long. See here where I am offline processing and audio clip with reverse and normalize. I just don’t have the “plugins” button as a choice or any effects for that matter.

these are my choices…only process…no effects

As advertised. Sorry, but the other button is only available with Cubase Pro and Nuendo.