Cubase 12 Artist Record audio from VST Intrument Question

Seriously → In Cubase Artist I can’t record directly to an audiotrack from a VST-instrument???
There is no routing available when using a group-track… another post in the forum says it is only for Cubase Pro. This is a huge dealbreaker, I don’t pay 300€ for not being able to record things to audio!
I mean render in place yes, ouuuké…
Any hints or ways for fully routing in Cubase artist? Maybe I missed sth. here?

Thank you!

Export audio for the track if Artist does that. There are options to add to the pool and bring into or one t when you do this. I have pro so do t fully know what limitations are on Artist,

Hi. I also have Cubase Artist 12, and am having the same exact issue. I have one VST Instrument and I can’t directly record it or anything as I’m playing it. I have added the VST as my main track, record would enable, but there is nothing showing up on the actual feed, nothing actually recording at all. I have restarted Cubase many times to see if it’s my computer or the software itself not connecting to recording. Everything is working except for this one thing–and it is the main thing that should come with all DAWS, which is recording from the actual instrument.

I was going to use it as my main instrument too as it has a lot of features for a VST (it is a synthesizer). Everything else, including plugging in the MIDI, being able to hear the instruments, audio connections, etc… all work.

Would someone please answer our question fully and let us know how we can actually record our VSTs onto Cubase Artist 12?

I think the way to go is to record a VST instrument as Midi via a hardware Midi-Keyboard.
Just clicking the virtual keyboard via mouse in for example Retrologue does not record ANY Midi or anything. It’s just for hearing/prelistening.
This Post also says that recording it as Audio is a Cubase Pro feature (I use Cubase 12 Artist…):

From the recorded Midi you can create a “Render in Place” - that creates a new Audiotrack from the selected Midi-Track:

Even in Pro it is extremely difficult to figure out… I am looking for a method now and nothing is working so far, which is dumb because it’s a program made to record audio… Idk why Cubase is so difficult sometimes. I can’t even create or get anything done with it, just constant searching for troubleshooting and resolving problems haha

Well that’s due to the many possibilities it comes with. It clearly is made with professional use in mind. Once you use it regularly the options you use are known and you get into a workflow. Solving a problem sometimes can be time-consuming indeed. But I must say via this forum, the support or Youtube etc. I found a solution almost everytime.
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