Cubase 12 Artist Stuck on initializing vst connect.dll


I have just bought and installed the Cubase 12 Artist Full Edition. When trying to launch it I am stuck on the procedure which says: ‘Initializing: vstconnect.dll’.

I am unable to launch it. I have tried many uninstalls and clean installs, always deleting the eLicense folders and files (syncrosoft and SYNSOPOS as well).

Could you please assist me?

Thank you in advance!


Please try running the Steinberg Download Assistant. It will automatically update all of the required supporting software on startup.

You can download the latest versions of the eLicenser Control Center ( and Steinberg Activation Manager (1.4.0) directly if you believe that your installation has been damaged.

Also try restarting your PC after installing them.

Are you upgrading from a past Cubase version?


First of all thank you for the immediate response! I have installed everything at the begining via Steinberg Download Assistant.

After your response, I re-installed on top both the eLicenser and Activation Manager from the links that you attached. I also restarted my PC. Nothing changed.

When I launch the Cubase 12 exe, I get a crach failure and a prompt to open it in safe mode. I choose Deactivate Third party plugins and deactivate preferences, and it still remains stuck on the Initializing: vstconnect.dll.

I had the Elements 10.5 version a while a go, but never used it much. Now I am giving a go to the 12 Artist version. Obviously I deleted the old installations.

Can I try something else?


I am having the same problem. whats happening? Cubase 11 runs perfectly 12 not.

I removed vstconnect.dll and VST Connect .vst3 from their respective folders in cubase 12 and all works. Dont need them


Are you on Windows or Mac (Intel or M1)?

Make sure the vstconnect and all related plug-ins are up to date, please.

Win 10, the launcher struck to vstconnect.dill and the error message is:
"application VST connect has caused the following error, could not connect POS.
all is updated to last version but doesn’t work anyway

Hi… I had the same a longer time ago when I had the Artist version… As far as I know (And the Steinberg Website mentions) VSTConnect is not included with the Artist version. But… It will work for a trial period time and once that is over will throw this error at you. I contacted Steinberg support and what you should do is what MonkeyShine says. Remove the related dll’s manually. I remember at some point of time I also got this error with CurveEQ… Same story. I now have Pro so I do not get this issue any more. Personally I think the trial versions should be presented more gracefully then throwing errors…

i just bought cubase pro 12 have been this issue of Vstconnect dll issue …Cubae refuse to open…Please i need help on what to do

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Either install the latest update of the component or uninstall it, please.