Cubase 12 artist

I am searching for a sound source from the media section of cubase. I was trying to select the hs se library, select a sound source from there, and try to listen to it with the midi keyboard, but I am unable to do so. Please let me know how to solve this problem. Also, I recently received an email for a cubase 13 artist upgrade, is this legitimate? I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to do this.


There was a bug in this area. Make sure, your MediaBay service component is up to date, please.

I don’t know if the email, you got, is legit, but yes, there is an update from Cubase Artist 12 to Cubase Artist 13 availble. You can buy in from the Steinberg web-shop.

What is mediabay?
And where is it and how can I deal with it?


MediaBay is what I believe you are calling media service. You can find the installer in the Steinberg Download Assistant.