Cubase 12 Audio Extension Problems

I’m having problems with the whole track extension functionality with Cubase Pro 12 and SpectraLayers Pro 8.

The first problem is that only the first recorded audio event can be heard when the whole track extension is enabled. I did this:

  1. Created an audio track
  2. Recorded some audio
  3. Enabled Extensions for the track in the inspector, selecting SpectraLayers
  4. A few bars after the first audio clip, record some more audio
  5. The second audio clip cannot be heard, although it shows data on the track. However, it shows no data in SpectraLayers. Only the first clip shows data in SpectraLayers.

If I remove SpectraLayers from the track I can hear the second clip.

The second issue is that when I try to select the Extension drop-down on the track the inspector immediately goes blank, by switching the lower tab from Track to Editor. I need to exit and re-open Cubase. Then I can select the Extension drop-down again.

Thanks for the report. We will have a look at it.


I’m also experiencing this issue with Melodyne on a track with comps. After the second take was recorded, I can’t see any events in Melodyne or hear them. Deleting overlaps did not remedy the problem.