Cubase 12 audio lag when track armed to record

I finally discovered today that my Cubase 12 is lagging when a track is armed to record. I used to think it was when I was working on a specific track that would cause the lag, but today I clicked the record/arm button OFF and the lag stopped.

Does anybody know a fix for this? I have a high performance PC, and while it does happen more frequently with larger projects than with smaller projects, it specifically happens when the recording is armed.

My audio interface is a simple Scarlet 3rd gen 2i2. Latest drivers/versions etc. and I’ve run all the standard troubleshooting steps (including delayed procedure latency checks, etc.)

Very odd. Thx for any tips

Likely a plugin - have you tried switching on constrained dealy compensation - Constrain Delay Compensation

This will disable plugins on the record enabled processing path that are causing excess latency.

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I have not tried that. Thank you for sharing, I will give it a shot.