Cubase 12 automation bug

Another headache with C12
Incorrect automation behaviour. Look at automation line and automation status at inspector
It affects processing as well
No issues in C11

Cubase 12.0.40, M1 MBP. latest version of MacOS. FF Pro-Q 3 (but the same issue with some other plugins)

Maybe its asio guard in action?

This clearly isn’t ASIO Guard, the automation lane looks corrupted, it seems to read data that isn’t present visually.
Just try deleting the nodes and creating them again.

The same project in C11 works well so I don’t think something is corrupted. It’s definitely C12 bug

At least once it worked fine in C12 after saving this project in C11
This is worst Cubase release ever. It’s .40 version and it’s still more like early beta

Or it’s simply C11 that uses some data that isn’t very stable with C12. I mean, C12 has received quite a bunch of changes so it is normal that issues like this happen when loading projects made with older version.
Basically, we will come to a point where Cubase will be overhauled from the start, and it will no longer be compatible with projects from older versions. I hope this won’t be the case and they will make some sort of translator.

These automation lines made in C12, like whole project, and it’s working well in C11, and after re-saving in C11 it worked well in C12
I’m sure it’s C12 problem

Another automation line in new C12 project failed :face_vomiting:
Resaving in C11 helped again