Cubase 12 basic things like Snap Types Menu missing

Hi, I was asking some time ago that if I can get Cubase 11 menu back to mys Cubase 12, but no answers. The problem is that I can’t find really basic things from my menu anymore, it is full of something that does not react or is useless to me. I find from the instructions pdf to-do-things but can’t find where they exist. For example Snat Types Menu, havent’t found. So this is embarassing but true and my hobby has stalled although I have used many years Cubase Pro versions. So tell me what to do. I want to edit audio clips, move quantize etc. But they are not available now or hidden somewhere. Jus a row with indicator (including snap) but not those tools to manipulate. Help!

Do you mean this?

One of my perennial complaints concerns Steinberg’s constant tinkering with the menus/toolbars. Just leave the damn things alone!

Yes, but as you may notice from my picture, I don’t have them anymore.

You simply don’t have enough space on your toolbar to show all available tools.
Perhaps this will help:

Ok, so if I have too many tools open, there is a lottery which of them are shown to me. That’s peculiar. I tried to reset but they remained the same. Perhaps I have to drop them out one by one.

Perhaps your screen resolution is quite low. On a 4K monitor there’s plenty of space and then some.
Also notice that some tools now can be resized once on the toolbar to show more or less of its associated parameters/buttons etc. If you see three vertical dots, grab them and drag left/right to hide/show more of those.

Well it’s not really random or mysterious. It shows the items in the order you setup starting with the first item, second, third, etc. Once the physical space is full it can’t display any more of them.

Ok, thank you everybody from enlightening the reasons for my problem. I’ll fix this next time when I continue my editing…

…and , yes, problem solved. Not, sure did the display get full automatically in the beginning, perhaps I have hit all button in the beginning and been amazed and confused.