Cubase 12, Big Sur, Mac mini (2018)

I updated from Catalina to Big Sur, because apparently I needed to, and now Cubase 12 is unusable. 20 tracks of audio, minimal plugins.

There must be some trick I’m missing. I’m about to jump out the window.

working with max latency
I’ve downloaded all latest 3rd party plugin updates. I use minimal 3rd party stuff now because of the constant troubles. NI. Plugin alliance, UAD, a little slate and a couple of others.
tried 32 bit, 64 bit mode. Different versions of Asia guard.
tried booting in lo res mode
trashed preferences repeatedly
Reset monitor size and screensets.
latest firmware on all my hardware
fixed disk permissions
All of my sessions and samples are on external SSDs
Kontakt is not in multiprocessing mode. Not using memory server. But Kontakt isn’t even open in the session I’m having trouble with now.

Mac mini 2018 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i732gig. It’s no beast but I should be able to mix 20 tracks of audio on it.

Looking for love, thanks guys…

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you be more specific, please? Does Cubase crash or do you get drop-outs os something different?

Hi Martin, thanks. At the maximum buffer 2048, the graphics are stuttering. Makes it impossible to read my metres properly. I have minimal plugins on about 20 tracks of audio through 8 different groups, but the cpu is spiking. It doesn’t crash. Omnisphere, keyscape, pianoteq just crackle and are unplayable. Out of desperation I tried a clean install of Monterey and surprisingly it works a little better than Big Sur. But it’s still unusable for the kind of work I need to do. It seems crazy that I would have to go back to Catalina right? I even read that Cubase 12 doesn’t work on Catalina. The latest UAD software won’t.

Same “machine” here, Monterey. No trouble with over 20 audio/midi tracks, Omnisphere, Trillian, Retrologue, small Kontakt libraries, …, several 3rd prty inserts (FabFilter,Valhalla,Audiothing,…) at 256 samples/44,1kHz. But RME.
Maybe it looks crazy but change your interface to the internal and check again. Or disable plugins one after the other.

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My experience is pretty much like @Elias1957 … Same exact Mini with only 16GB on Monterey 12.3. Was just working on a track with 29 or so tracks yesterday, instance of Repro 1, Pigments, and the rest are sampler tracks (two converted to Groove Agent SE instruments) or TAL Sampler tracks, not too crazy on the plugins yet, some Valhalla/Sound Toys delays and lots of Quadrafuzz, PA Townhouse and BlackBox on the master bus plus a tuner to check my samples, CPU meter isn’t even filling the first bar at 24/44.1Khz with a 256 buffer (might be set at 128 cant remember). MOTU 828x over USB here.

I will say, those integrated graphics suck. I bought an eGPU 3 months ago that knocked 20% or so off all the CPU meters across the system whether it was Cubase 11/12, Logic Pro and Ableton Live 11. Even without it, a project this size shouldn’t be straining it yet.

It’s making me crazy. I bought the Mini as a work at home covid solution. My old 2012 tower at work was much faster, I had much larger sessions going on that one. Weird.