Cubase 12 Bugs So Far on my Mac

In two days on two separate sessions, turning on “Spectral Layers” in the Arrange Window causes Cubase to completely vanish after going to the sample editor and choosing “Unmix Vocals.”

The other bug which I’m still investigating is very strange.

After playing in a part on an instrument in Kontakt 6 last night, I opened the session today and chose to try out the chord track on a track I was playing along with. Chord track worked, and used another Kontakt instance with a piano as a monitor track.
I then looked down and realized all the work I did last night on the Kontakt instrument was gone. I don’t know if it had vanished before or after I did the chord track today.

So I started to play it in again, and noticed that it was send articulation changes (not visible in the editor window) to the Kontakt guitar I was using. As soon as I hit PLAY, the Kontakt instrument would change from and open to a muted guitar. I finally, on a hunch, turned OFF the MONITOR instance of Kontakt for the chord track, and no more program/articulation changes took place.

Will continue to investigate. The missing midi part was extremely frustrating though!