Cubase 12 Bypass Inserts key command/macro doesn't work like it used to

Hello, after installing the lastest Windows version this morning my Cubase “Bypass Inserts” macro doesn’t work as it should. The problem is that the “Bypass Inserts” macro does both enable/disable insert plugins, but it doesn’t enables inserts anymore in my case.

Video is posted here for vidibility and clarity: Cubase 12 Bypass Inserts macro doesn't work like it used to - YouTube

The macro is assigned to “alt + shift+ D” for me and I use it all the time, but it’s not working for some reason this morning. I have no idea if the windows update is affecting this and thought I need to share this issue. If you have any workaround or solution please let me know. Thank you.

It works fine on Cubase Pro 12/10.5 latest version. This specific project shown in the video is not working for some reason.

[My setup]
Windows 10 Home
OS build: 19045.2364
Intel Core i7-8700K
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
Audio IF Steinberg UR-RT2
Cubase Pro 12/10.5