Cubase 12 Can’t open I’m Stuck at Initializing Studio manager

My Cubase 12 crash and can’t open it’s stuck at program process on “Initializing Studio manager”
I fixed this problem by delete preferences same any issue but not working

Ps. Cubase 11 in same computer is working

Please help me.

I have a similar problem, only Cubase gets stuck at the Initialization: video player stage, and so it hangs endlessly. Cubase 11 starts without any issues. I can’t use Cubase 12. I hope this problem will be fixed?

Same issue here although for me it is intermittent. I have gone back to Cubase 11 until this is fixed. I have also encountered several other weird bugs and performance issues in 12. Definitely not ready for production.

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Have you updated to 12.0.10 already?

yes.I’m update now.

I’m very sorry.I don’t explain my system.
My computer system is Windows 10
Audio Interface Is UAD Apollo DUO

PS. Cubase 11 is still working same computer

I had the same issue on a windows 10 PC. I did a pending windows 10 update, restarted and it all works now.