CUBASE 12: Can't alt tab without losing cubase/other applications audio

Hello everyone!

I’ve just downloaded the trial version of CUBASE 12 PRO and I’m having problems to take a online course while learning CUBASE.

Everytime I change windows from Chrome to CUBASE or vice-versa, any video media applications (Youtube, Udemy) crashes, making me restart them.

I’m using a “REALTEK Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” and selected “Speakers” as my audio output (headphones) as the image below shows:

I also tried to select/deselect the “Release driver when the application is in background” but everytime I get back to the class, it crashes and I have to restart it.

Do you guys know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried de-selecting the first option in that ASIO driver dialog (Card Options) ?

That’s indeed a good idea in the trouble shooting proces.

Try to use Asio4All.

Oh, great, and now this just froze Cubase 12 completely. Hit alt + tab by mistake.

I just want to get these projects out the door so I can leave Cubase for good. This is hell. This is software hell.