Cubase 12 Click Track will not play through Output bus

I am simply trying to send the click track to a a specific Output Bus.
The click will ONLY play through the Mains L/R Out, but no other output buses.
I had this arrangement earlier with C10.5… so, not understanding why I cannot get it to play through a selected output bus. I have checked all wiring and settings, but cannot determine the issue. Appreciate ideas and solutions … Leprechaun Studio

LeprechaunStu - did you checked in Metronome setup > General > Audio Click Outputs ?

Yes - Thank you – This is where all my output buses are listed… Mine Does Show all the outputs. But, regardless of which I select, the click will ONLY go to the Mains L/R Output Bus. Works OK there, but not good for recording… need Dedicated Click bus to allow artists to control their monitor mix…

Ok, in my case it works, however, the signal is not shown in Cubase on the meters of the dedicated channel for a click.
The click signal, however, is present on the physical output in the audio-interface set up in Cubase metronome setup, so I can feed it anywhere as an independent signal.
I’m on RME UFX II.
In the Cubase Control Room, I normally control whether the metronome can be heard on the studio monitors by ticking the metronome icon (independently).

Actually, I rarely record other than myself, but if so, I was satisfied with the click adjustment from Cubase via Cue Sends - there is an independent click volume control for Cue in Control Room, but this physical release of the click signal gives more options, so thanks for the idea. :+1:

Thanks again for your inputs … I’m back in the studio later today, so will experiment further … Thx ---- L