Cubase 12 consistently crashes when waking from sleep mode

More of an FYI. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next patch.
On Windows 10, I5 9600k, MSI motherboard, 32GB ram with a Steinberg UR44 audio interface.

The machine has the power profile active for Cubase 11.

After waking the machine from sleep mode (manually initialized), Cubase remains frozen and I can’t interact with the menus or open project. After force-quitting from the task manager, Cubase starts normally. I’ve been submitting log files for this.

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There are a lot of people describing this ‘frozen Cubase’. In my case, the culprit was a USB control surface (a Presonus Faderport). When Cubase freezes, I have to switch this Faderport OFF and I can continue to play with Cubase (and switch that Faderport ON again).

i have always this problem (with nuendo)

For me, I’m happy to say this appears fixed in the Windows 12.0.30 release. I should mark this as closed.

This still happens to me.

Sometimes I wake up my PC from sleep and Cubase has closed. No error message and no crash dump was generated. When re-opening it, I see the grey dialog to open Cubase with different settings but no option to send the log files to Steinberg.

I’m on Windows 10 and the latest version 12.0.52

This is a forum topic, not a tech support ticket…

This type of thing is usually (though not always) due to the daw waiting for a response from a plugin or USB device and not getting one.

Due to the nature of the problem it’s difficult to troubleshoot. But if you’re up for it, I would start by disconnecting all possible gear plugged in the computer.

Then, if the problem can’t be reproduced, I would plug everything back in.

Then I would check plugins using the half split method.

Even after over two decades of PC power management technology in the market, this is still very brittle (part of the reason being that some drivers don’t support this properly), so long ago I made the decision to disable any and all power management and sleep modes on my studio production PC. Saved me a whole lot of headaches. Can recommend.

Anyone ever get a resolution on this? I have the same issue. Basically, if my PC ever goes into sleep mode, then I am unable to get Cubase 12 to start successfully. It freezes at the project selection screen and I have to use Ctrl+Ald+Del to end the task. If I restart the PC Cubase works fine until the next time the PC goes to sleep. I’ve had to resort to using the “Always On” power mode so that I don’t have to restart my PC to use Cubase. I’ve started tickets and submitted logs, but they just don’t know how to fix it. Seems to be an issue with some AMD processes and MSI motherboard. I was hoping that someone tech savvy in the community may have found a work around. I really wish Steinberg would stop trying to add new bells and whistles to the programs and focus on stability. Its one of the most crash prone programs that I have ever used. I’m getting close to the point of looking for a new DAW.