Cubase 12 copy/paste issue that is ruining my workflow :(

in previous Cubase versions one could copy a MIDI event/part, then close the project, open an other project and paste this MIDI event/part (from clipboard). this was essential for my workflow.

in Cubase 12 this doesnt work. the clipboard seems to get purged after opening a new project. the strange thing is that this happens only for certain projects i open, for some projects the clipboard will still hold the copied MIDI event, so maybe this might be a project setting issue? if so which setting is it?

my workaround for now is: after opening a new project i open the project i wanna paste the MIDI from and keep it (inactive) in the background. then pasting will work fine for any project. sadly this workaround takes me 5 times more time than if i could simply paste from clipboard all the time (without having to copy again) since i paste the same MIDI event into 30 different projects on a regular basis, as a part of my workflow.

so pls let me know if u might know how to fix this, so pasting MIDI will work in any newly opened project without having to copy the MIDI event again.

Unfortunately more info is needed, as I was not able to reproduce following these steps:


  1. New Project
  2. New midi track, midi part
  3. add some notes in the midi editor
  4. in project view, select and copy midi part
  5. Create new project
  6. Do ctrl-v to paste.

result: part (and track) is pasted in new project.

thx. that s exactly how i do it it. for me it will only work for max 1 or 2 opened projects (sometimes not even one depending on the project i open, we ll need to consider that i dont create empty projects to paste into but templates, so there r already VSTis and VSTs included/opened which might cause this bug then). pls try to do this procedure for say 5 new empty projects and report if u can still paste the midi part in the 5th project. if u can pls repeat and try to paste it not into empty projects but exisiting projects of yours (with VSTis and VSTs loaded).

Done. Paste worked in each one.

In order to find a bug, you need to precisely list the exact steps required, and possibly the VST plugins you are using.

If it only happens in certain project, upload the file. Otherwise, the tester, in this case me, is only trying random stuff. Ofcourse others may weigh in as well.

I’m only a user like yourself, not a Steinberg tech support staff person. I am happy to test repros to confirm and report bugs to Steinberg.

If you edit your title to describe the exact issue, rather than your reaction to it, it might help garner other replies.

thx. the exact steps r the very 6 steps u quoted above, except that i paste not into empty projects. i hope more guys will test with non-empty projects and report back.

I have done so, still can’t reproduce.

But you haven’t told the forum how you are doing it, and there are many variables that are unknown.

Are you pasting into active projects? ’

yes, i’m pasting into active projects. by now i think this might turn out to be a clipboard related OS (win 11) issue. if anyone can help with that pls hit me with hints/ideas

Do any of the File>>Import actions help you get the MIDI you want to the other projects (“MIDI Track”, “MIDI File”)?