Cubase 12 crashed...upon reboot, cannot see Fireface driver and only generic is available

As per above. Nothing has changed on fireface, still works on system audio if routed. FFace inputs show up in generic audio driver.
Also did the usual thing of corrupting my userpreferences file with the freeze at videoplayer engine but I reset the file so I could at least boot
So now no driver and all my port setups are goneā€¦again :frowning:
Any ideas?
Cubase 12 latest
i7 12700k
32g ram
w10 latest

So tired of the instabilityā€¦this is my work tool! Has been working ok but crashes occassionally. I tired reinstalling FFace driver but gut feeling it is a Cubase problem
Also doesnt let me select an alternate IO eg UR24c which is connected and running fine on SX3
FFace also still works fine in SX3ā€¦solid programā€¦!!! I use it just for Multiband compressorā€¦second to none :slight_smile:

This is just for reference as i had issues with certain buffer sizes not playing at all but in the FF asio software how many WDMā€™s have you got setup ? Ignore the red board around the buffer size

I tried 0 up to 14
I rebooted with bypass of current config and it started so I could select Fireface
How do I get all my old settings to workā€¦I have a lot of work on inputs/outputs/external instruments etc

Well no solutionā€¦
So crapā€¦so I have to crash Cubase, then start up with ā€˜disable program preferencesā€™ and then reselect every time I boot cubase up.
Great pro way to workā€¦really disappointed.

I totally understand the frustration but lots are people are using very similar systems without the problems you are seeing so itā€™s just a likely to something specific to your system.

Itā€™s very hard to say what the problem might be from what you have posted - but itā€™s worth bearing in mind that you donā€™t need to DELETE all your preferences if they get corrupted. There are lots of files that store the various preferences (which is a bit of a mess to be honest!) .

Next time - back them up first - then you can slowly restore them and see which corrupt file is causing the problem

Thanks for the reply
That was a couple of weeks of posts last yearā€¦no reliable simple way to backup restore prefsā€¦not even a spreadsheet so a user can cross check what belongs where and add to thatā€¦some bits and pieces where you wouldnt imagine they would be
I tried to restore the prefs but as you sayā€¦its not clear what is whereā€¦and at the end of all those posts it was still a piecemeal solution unfortunately.
I just want to make musicā€¦at least sx3 is solidā€¦I use that whenever I can for simple stuff.
Stop adding stuff and make solid what we already have instead of adding to the quagmireā€¦jsut my 2c

I donā€™t disagree - would love to see them concentrate on fixing all the broken stuff - but in the meantime all we can do is try and work around the issues.

Iā€™m not totally sure that your issues are entirely Steinbergā€™s fault but the preference system really needs to be made much more straightforward. There are files sprayed all over the filesystem.

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Without an empirical easy to do step by step problem solveā€¦its plain frustrating.

exactly the same problem, with Steinberg UR24C, Tried everything for the past 3 days solid, tearing my hair out. Installed other interface [Lexicon] no problems. Tried other daws no problems. Intel(R) Coreā„¢ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz WINDOWS 10