Cubase 12 crashing on startup - MacOs 12.2.1

Wondering if I can get some help/ideas here since I’ve been at it for hours and at a loss. I recently upgraded from Cubase 8.5 to 12. I had to make the jump since I upgraded my OS and 8.5 was pretty much incompatible with Monterey. I’m currently running this on a 2019 macbook pro (if that matters).

I’ve installed Cubase 12 and successfully activated through the activation manager. I’ve also uninstalled my 8.5 version.

On launch, I get prompted for safe mode (see screenshot below) with the error “this application was terminated unexpectedly”. There is no error log being generated for this.

Then when clicking ok Cubase attempts to launch. It always crashes at the same spot “Initializing Groove Agent SE.vst3”.

This is as far as I can get. I can’t even open Cubase currently and it’s really aggravating, lol. Hoping this is something stupid that I’m just overlooking.

I am having the same issue