Cubase 12 Default Color scheme - Painful to look at


After further investigating the preferences I have managed to change the look of Cubase to suit my eyes better. I apologize for my ignorance. I tried to change the colors in the User interface - Color Scheme before, but could not achieve what I was looking for. I should try harder before I went ranting to the forums. Now before I make an even bigger fool of myself, I should stop writing here and go back to work.

Dear Steinberg.

This is what I have to look at while I make music in Cubase 12. I don’t like it. My eyes and head start to hurt after some time. There’s too much contrast and too much rough sharpness on the screen for work to be enjoyable.

Great design is not “something you need to get used to” but it’s something you fall in love with immediately. This looks like something I would need a lot of time to adjust to.

I personally would be very grateful if there was a way of making this more suitable for my work. I would love to see an option that would make everything look more smooth like it was in 8.5 for example.

In music terms - to my eyes this design looks like a heavily unbalanced audio mix. It needs adjustments to become usable.

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There’s plenty of controls to affect how events look, just adjust to suit:

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Wow… very insulting…

Evanh75 and all others that felt insulted by my roasting type of writing, I apologize.

I realize that this forum is not a place for making drama, so I edited my original post to make it more neutral while still keeping the points I wanted to communicate.

Being a developer myself I understand how much work and dedication goes into such a huge project like Cubase. My intention was not to insult anyone, my tone was my private ranting that did not necessarily translate to you the way it sounded in my head.

I apologize again.


It’s not insulting. Cubase are a tool, we need best tool to create and produce. From V7 Cubase looks like a toy, very bad color coding, looks bold and plastic, really Steinberg need put more effort on the GUI. Thanks.

Its way easier on the eyes that Pro Tools. I do agree that there could be some enhancements to the GUI. There still isn’t a way to change the event highlight color from a light blue. I’ve gotten used to it but it should be some contrasting color to the track color.

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