Cubase 12 doesn't list my audo I/O in Studio setup

I’ve been using my Focusrite Scarlett for years and sometimes I forget to switch it on before my PC so audio connections loses everything so I simply have to open Studio Setup and ‘add device’ and select it from the drop down menu and then load presets to set up my audio connections etc. No problem…
except for today as my USB device is not listed in all the devices.
My Windows 10 PC has Focusrite USB Audio & MIDI listed in Device Manager under Sound, video controllers and the audio is working fine through my monitors so it’s just Cubase that doesn’t recognise it.
Can anyone advise what to do next to get Cubase to see it please?

The ASIO driver isn’t running apparently. Basic thing to do would be install the driver.

Thanks for your instant response Steve!
Sorry, but I just found the ‘user’ issue but I’ll post here in case someone else does the same.
I was clicking on +Add device and the only device listed on audio system on the left was the ‘generic driver’ but my Focusrite wasn’t listed’
I just now noticed on the right ‘ASIO DRIVER’ is set as generic so I clicked on ‘generic’ and my drivers are listed in the drop down below.
I had forgotten that there were 2 drop down lists as I rarely have to use this having only 1 interface.
Sorry to waste your time but I hope this thread may help any other plonkers like me who are looking in the wrong place!