Cubase 12 doesnt recognize Kontakt 7

Since last weekend can’t load kontakt 7 in Cubase 12, someone else with this problem

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What happens if you try to load it, please?

I can only open kontakt outside of Cubase 12, it doesn’t show up in the plugin manager


Is it blocklisted?

It is not on the blacklist and it simply doesn’t load, I also checked the ruts and they are correct


Did you install VST3 version of the plug-in?

yes i did

@sergio_Ruiz_de_Gambo Was this ever resolved? I’m having the same problem, except it’s in Cubase 13. Kontakt 7 is installed but it doesn’t appear at all – it’s not in the Cubase plugin manager, and not in the blacklist.