Cubase 12 dongle still needed, why?

Win 10, and C12 latest version. Tried to remove the dongle for the first time, but now it won’t start. It got stuck on Vstconnect, Vstconnect.vst3, and Retrologue. Had to kill it on Retrologue. Each error took minutes before Cubase threw and error window. See attachment. It works with the dongle as usual, but I want to transition to dongle free. Does this problem have a known solution? Thanks.
eLic error

Please download the latest versions of the bundled plug-ins from the Cubase 12 section of the Steinberg Download Assistant. They need to be up to date to become compatible with the new Steinberg Licensing system.


Ah, ok. I’ll try that. Thanks!

How strange that these mandatory updates of included plugins didn’t update when I updated C12. At least they could give us a note that we must update that as well.

Steinberg, please make updates a better experience than just leaving users to navigate this in complete darkness.

You’re right, make it clear and simple!

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