Cubase 12 Elements and ASIO loading error


Windows 10 64 pro.
I have upgraded license from Cubase Elements 9.5 to 12.
When I want to select ASIO driver from my sound card in Elements 12 audio setup,
program won’t load it and say that ASIO isn’t running.
So, i have installed back Elements 9.5 version and ASIO was recognized just like before.
Something must have been changed in program i think, but can’t figure out what.
Maybe any similar problems or tips ?

When you load Cubase you also load the Steinberg Generic ASIO driver. I will add that the latest 12.0.60 Cubase version DOES NOT CREATE A REGEDIT LISTING OF THE STEINBERG GENERIC DRIVER. However, it does create a program listing in CCleaner. Delete it here, of course. But you should always check your Regedit anyway. Here:

My thinking here is that your computer may be confused with this driver. Make sure your sound device has the lastest driver, yep. You may even have to install it again if your problem continues.

Thank you so much for your reply !
Yes, i uninstalled already what you suggested.
Well, the problem still remains the same.
After long time, i was re-installing my win10 pro 64bit,
so, it’s fresh install and at first i was installing just Cubase Elements 12,
without any other additional software, just soundcard software and drivers.
Then, after I saw that this is not going anywhere,
I was installed back Cubase Elements 9.5 and program recognize ASIO right away.
Also I have Sound Forge Audio 10 installed, also, no problems at all.