Cubase 12 Elements Click Track

Hi all,

I changed to Cubase 12 elements and tried to add a signature track and then create a click track based off of the signature track with “Render audio click between locators”.
But I can’t find the signature track and so can’t create the click track in an easy fashion.

Is there another way in Cubase 12?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

I don’t use Cubase Elements, but if you can’t add a Signature Track, you can edit the time signature in the Tempo Track window (keyboard shortcut to open it: CMD/CTRL + T). My source:

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Hi Alin,

thanks for your quick reply! I added some info about me and my hardware in my profile :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip with the tempo editor. I use this already. My goal is to create a stereo audio click track without manually drafting a midi click track based off of the signature and tempo in the project. I want to export this click track with and also without other tracks in the project to use it for practice sessions, demos and also for click/backing tracks in live settings.

Maybe you have some tips for this as well?

Have a gread weekend!

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Oh, sorry. Now I understand what you mean. What you’re missing in Cubase Elements is “Signature Track” submenu item, in Project menu (according to “Compare Editions” page, “Composing” section, Signature Track).

Do you at least have “Create Audio Track” in “Export audio mixdown” window?

The “Compare Versions” page says that Advanced Audio Export is not present in Cubase Elements, so I don’t expect you to have “Create Audio Track”. If you have it though, you could maybe write a script in AHK to:

  1. Create MIDI track (from a “Click VSTi” Track preset)
  2. “Draft” all the beats in a MIDI part
  3. Export the MIDI part to WAV (with “Create Audio Track” option enabled).
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