Time signature track in Cubase Elements 12?

Hi everyone,

I’m a Dorico pro user and am experimenting with Cubase Elements to see if it will make my composing flow more efficient.
Honestly I like it very much so far, compared to other DAWs I’ve used in the past, but one thing I can’t figure out how to do, which is necessary for my music, and that is having a signature track, so I can change time sig part way through. I see in the manual that it should be as easy as “Select Project > Add Track > Signature” but that option isn’t present.

Is it really the case that such a fundamental feature is not included in Elements? This is a show-stopper for me.



In Elements open the Tempo Editor (Ctrl/CMD + T), you can edit the Signature there.

Thanks so much. I was just about to dismiss your answer, thinking I want time sig not tempo… but you’re spot on!