Cubase 12 Empty Sample Editor Inspector

As Above and also when I open the sample editor I don’t have a left pane with the hitpoints stuff either

Are you sure that, in the Sample Editor, the left panel is activated with this setting ?


I don’t have that option. On the right of the arrow i have a Show/Hide information button

What Cubase 12 version are you using ? Here (the Pro one), I have this tool…


… which opens a submenu in which the shown option must be activated to be able to use the tools, among them beiing the Show/Hide left panel :


So, additionaly, could you post a screenshot of the top right of your sample editor ? Because, on my end, I don’t have any Show/Hide Information tool…

I have Cubase Pro 12 .0 .70

Because you have opened the Sample Editor in the lower zone. Something I never do, contrarily to other ones. Try to open and set it in a Separate window (the up-right oriented arrow, just on the left of your activated Lower zone tool). You should then be able to have all the controls involved.

How do I open it in a seperate window ?
What I do is double the on the project window and then i have what is in the photo.

See my edited last post… :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT : looking more closely at your screenshot, you are not actually using the Sample Editor, but the Audio Part one, as you have created an audio part on your Bass track. As you have just one audio event, I suggest you to use the Audio > Dissolve part command. This will allow you to access directly at the Sample Editor.

Sorry, do you mean this ?

See again my last edited post… :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ! Many Thanks for that. It seems you have to edit the whole of the file and not just part of it, In a previous version I’m sure you could edit (Hitpoints) in a selected part of the file.

In the Audio part editor, no matter how many events are in the involved part, double clicking on a given event will directly opens the sample editor, in which the left panel is available…

Great. I really appreciate your help once again Thank You.

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Maybe it helps to switch to Track view?

Many Thanks for your help I’m sorted now.