Cubase 12 errant MIDI cc upon recording?

Hey gang.
Cubase 12.0.52 on a 2019 imac, 11.6.8 Big Sur.

Lately I have been experiencing a strange phenomenon when recording my Moog Subsequent 37. The issue: When I hit record in Cubase, the synth suddenly closes its filter entirely. It’s as though pressing record triggers Cubase to send a MIDI message of 0 to whatever CC the filter knob responds to.

The setup: Sub37 is also connected via USB for sending / receiving clock, MIDI, etc plus the usual updating and stuff. The synth’s audio goes out over 1/4" cable to a mixer.

The annoying workaround is that I have to notice where the filter is with my eye, hit record, and then jiggle the filter knob to ensure its parameter is back where I want it. Laamme.

This happens regardless of whether or not I’m using MIDI w the synth. Even if I’m simply recording audio directly out of the synth, hitting record shoots the filter closed.

Any ideas?


Update to the latest 12.0.70, please.

Use the MIDI Monitor to double-check, which MIDI Messages do you sent out. Most probably, you will send out a MIDI Message to close the filter.

HI Martin – Thanks as always for the response. I’ve never used the MIDI monitor before. I see how I can add it to a MIDI track, but perhaps I should back up and simplify…

I start a brand new empty project. I add a single audio track (no midi). I test my sub37 to make sure the filter is open. I hit record, and – bang – the filter instantly closes all the way.

Is MIDI Monitor still my best option for figuring this out? If so, I’m not sure where to insert it, as I have no MIDI tracks open. Thanks so much!


Do you use the sub37 MIDI Output as any output (maybe even any Remote Device output)?

Hmmmm, not 100% sure what you’re asking here, Martin. I use the Sub37 as my midi keyboard on occasion, but I don’t have it intentionally assigned to do anything in particular.


My guess is, that you send (unintentionally) a MIDI Message, which closes the filters. So I want to find out, from where could you send the MIDI Message.

Hmmm. The only other piece of hardware I always have turned on is a Digitakt. I just ran the same experiment w the Digitakt off, but same results. Are you suggesting that Cubase is sending the message? or a piece of hardware?


I don’t know, it depends on your connection.

Hello, what happens if you detach the sub37 from the sync with Cubase?

Not sure what you mean, Martin. I thought I mentioned the connections:
Sub37 connected to computer via usb for clock, etc. Audio line out of sub37 to a mixer, which eventually hits an Apollo x4, then the computer.

Since this happens in an empty project, with no other hardware turned on – unless I’m misunderstanding something – it’s hard not to imagine that the signal to close the filter isn’t coming from Cubase.

Hey M.C. – Yep, if I disconnect the Sub37’s sync, the problem goes away. Does that indicate something? Naturally I generally want the synth to be in sync.

Yes. Syncing is done by midi machine control messages, thus it looks like upon starting playing (and/or recording) the message arriving at the sub37 is causing the reset of the filter. I would check the device’s settings, maybe there’s an option there. Unfortunately I don’t own this synth so I cannot check it.