Cubase 12 - Feat.Req: search bar for all menu's options

Hello dear Steinie!

I love CB for many years (not sure, i think 25 years almost?) and its fare to say i know it pretty well :slight_smile:

One HUGE problem i have lately, is that i can not find functions i need in Cubase, anymore.
Okay, im old, tired of dealines, kids, I forget a lot, blablabla…so thats part of it :slight_smile:
Another reason for this, is that Cubase is such a fantastic BEAST of a program, with a world record of menus, menus and more many more menus.

Without having to read the manual or coming here everytime, could we have a solution for this?
The other day i was searching for forever for the Audio Allignment panel. (i know, i know,…under Audio…it makes sense…and a optional icon yes…told you i get old…)
And every new CB brings all these amazing new features, its just dazzling, and fantasic!

Can we do something about all these menus?
One idea I have, is to implement a search bar next to the “help” menu (oh no! more menus!).
This search bar can also be in the prefs, since that is just way to big now…

Or even better, but this is for 2039,(for when i REALLY need this) a way to customize menus hehe (goodbye 50% of the menus i never use). We could have user profiles that you can load for composers/edm/beginners/oldies.

Anyway, hope this gets support, or at least focus for the next Cubase …ive seen so many tutorials and stuff from Cubase Hangout that people just dont know where everything is, because its just too much.

Now let me try to find the button to save this blurb

Ah its down here…sweet!


It would be nice.