Cubase 12 Freezes intermittently when setting audio connections

Thank you, but what do you mean? Sound works flawlessly between all of my applications, I have since long disabled every audio input/output on my computer except of my audio card (some applications would swap audio source automatically and it drove me insane), every audio output goes through my “Focusrite Clarett”.

My problem is that Cubase 12 locks me out (not crashing) of doing any input, which cubase 11 never did. I have had problems where Cubase changes my sample rates automatically (both on my project and on my aduio card, which is annoying), but I’ve already figured out how easy it is to fix that atleast.

But you said the issue was triggered when switching back and forth between Cubase and Firefox, this is related to the “Release Driver” option, which is explained in my guide.

Also, Cubase cannot change the project sample rate on its own, but if you load projects with different sample rates, then your audio interface’s own sample rate will automatically change so that it matches with the project.

Hmm, you’re probably right after all, I read your important notice on “Release driver”, this seems to be one of the “unpredictable” results. I actually thought “release driver” would enable me to multitask better, but I must have been using an old single-client driver in my first audiocard of which it did work in that way.

The title seemed so random in correlation with my problem, and I’ve read so many “guides” for things that didn’t help, that I’ve learned to skip text in order to save time. Sorry about that! This should logically fix my issue, as the issue probably is that the driver couldn’t load up properly again. This did not ever happen for me in Cubase 11 though, but I guess they haven’t smoothed out the egdes on 12 as of yet.

As of the sample rate changes, I guess cubase uses 44. 1 kHz as default while I’ve choosen to use 48 kHz on my card, Cubase 11 never reacted to this, which is weird, unless cubase 11 changed its kHz after my audio card instead of the other way around.

When I test around, I feel like it’s pretty random, if I load up 48 kHz projects from C11 in C12 it sometimes changes the kHz in cubase and sometimes on my audio card. But maybe that’s a topic for another thread? I think you’ve already solved my actual problem and in relation of the same settings button, also made my cubase experience from now on much better in the process! Two birds with one stone! Thank you!

You’re welcome, I’m glad we were able to fix this problem. With Release Driver disabled, this issue should now be a thing of the past, but if that still persists somehow, feel free to ask for help. :slightly_smiling_face:

However I have no clue about the project sample rate in Cubase changing on its own, normally this is just a simple project-based setting that you can only change manually, this isn’t linked to your audio device.
Each project file can have its own sample rate setting, and if you are using your device’s own ASIO driver in Cubase, loading a project will change the device’s sample rate accordingly, it’s not the other way around. If you are using a different driver than the dedicated one, they yes, in this case, you may need to manually change it in the device driver as they do not communicate with each other.

Having audio issues freezes when trying to adjust connections for out puts in 12

Sorry, I never received a specific solution for this as I restored my system to before issues occurred as mentioned above and will stick with C12.0.0 now to avoid further issues.


Updated are here to fix bugs. It might be, the bug had been dubbed in C12.0.51.

Having the same issue when changing audio out puts it freezes I did try on my other workstation and it doesn’t crash

Thank you, however if the bug hasn’t been fixed I will lose many hours because I have to first backup my system with image backup in case it fails, then go through the various complicated Steinberg update procedure (I know it should be simple but often I have to reinstall the various modules like SDA and E-licencer and play around until it works, sometimes losing licences and waiting for the many plugins to be reauthorised etc.) and if it then hasn’t fixed my bugs, I then have to restore my system (because Soundworks SoundID ref can’t install previous versions) so the benefits presently don’t outweigh the risk.
I shall wait until something amazing is introduced maybe in Cubase 13/14 that I can’t resist so I can spend my precious time on music and not I.T. admin.

Same issues I installed nuendo and it crashes as well when adjusting audio connections