Cubase 12 - Freezing tracks ending up in the wrong folder

Hi All,

Running Cubase Pro 12.052 on Mac Studio OS Monterey.

For some reason when I got to freeze my tracks it’s creating the freeze folder in an entirely different area. It’s still under a freeze folder but its in another sub directory. I don’t get it. I took a look at the project setup and my project shows the directory where it should be. Somehow a reference is stuck from the parent/sub-folder directory? I’ve been running this project for weeks in this directory so I can’t figure out what the heck is going on. Please tell me it’s something stupid! :wink:


Replying to my own thread because somehow it was referencing audio from the other folder even though the project was it its own folder. Kind of weird as why doesn’t it use the Project folder because it stores everything else in there. Figured it out by renaming folders to see if it would create it and also looked a the UTF-8 render of the cpr so I could see some paths.

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