Cubase 12 grace period eligible, then what?

After a lot of trying with hangs, errors etc., my e-licenser now says:
Screenshot (192)

Ok so far so good.
Then what… download and install cubase 12 and just run it?
I get error-code dre-411 at “Redeem Download Access Code”. Should I even go there?
This is all very confusing


Please have a look here: Grace Period Update to Cubase 12 - #18 by Matthias_Quellmann


Ok so I just keep trying (keep trying what… maintenance?) and wait?

Please wait…and then try again later. Each try will create more traffic on the server…We are really sorry!

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Don’t you have records as to how many people paid for the upgrade so they could be ready for 12? So you make the people wait that gave you money early so you can take care of the ones that pay for full license now. This dose not feel right.

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btw I got it working yesterday by using the “grace period check” in the Activation Manager many times. Eventually it worked
But oh what a mess this all is, and not much sense of intuitive logic behind it.
Hopefully things will improve… since this was the transition.
Steinberg, you need to have a simple, clear, intuitive system. Collect it all under one program, with tabs maybe

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Cubase is great for all the brilliant stuff, but gosh their software/licensing issues are so frustrating. I spend more time trying to fix this kinda stuff than actually enjoy using the programme, it really takes the fun out of it all

So what is the actual solution on that? I have had my Dongle accepted for the Grace Period by the Steiner Activation Manager, I got the message that I actually should have received an email, and I checked my Inbox and Spam folder times. No email whatsoever.

I already opened a ticket on your side. No reaction. Then I thought it is related to my mail, I change that as well. Triggered the Grace Period Process again. Same message of eligibility. No Activation _code via mail again!

I bought your software. I payed for it. I insist of getting the Activation Code. Why I don’t?

Please send me a PM with a screenshot of your elicenser control center and I’ll get you a new DAC.

How? I don’t see any “Messgage” Button on your Avatar?

Hi. Were you logged in?
I get a MESSAGE button to click on when I click on Matthias :

New users need to read a few posts before they get PM privileges. But they can receive PMs.

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