Cubase 12 halion sonic and other libraries won't work

Good day, installed Cubase 12 via Download assistant. Cubase start and run well, but VST instruments is not working, or working only with administrator of the computer account. Problem is, that we are institution and members using AD accounts. So with one pc can work few peoples, which login with personal AD user credentials. Questions:
In download assistant I use location C:\Steinberg. What should I do, to insert all 30+GB instruments and sounds to Cubase for other users? Because for other users ->VST instruments shows grayed out less than one second and it gone. If run Halion sonic se, it’s completely empty.
Will be waiting responses asap.
BTW I’m just IT admin, so I don’t know how to use all programs which I install. Need to get answers like to a kid : - )

Found that one license will work with one account. How to transfer that license to local PC account? I’ve created local account, logged in to my steinberg account and downloaded Cubase with halion and etc. Cubase working ok, but VST instruments is empty. Then i logged in to pc account which is the same as my steinberg web account, and VST instruments are ready to use. How to change it? I can’t give my account to use for other members. Need to transfer it to local acc.

It might be because your dongle-based content will NOT work on Cubase 12 unless your dongle is plugged in. Yes, Steinberg deceived their customers with their false “Goodbye dongle” catchphrase. For me, I was expecting that the Halion Sonic 3 instrument I purchased a few years ago would no longer need a dongle to work properly on Cubase 12. Unfortunately, I was fooled by the false advertising and I still need the dongle to work on all my projects.

Problem solved with RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

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