Cubase 12 Halion Sonic No License Found

I am using cubase 12, and its not stable. The halion sonic SE showing suddenly license error with blurred background. Loading spectralayers in ARA, crashes cubase 12. Startup time of cubase 12 is longer, I dont know but it checks a while for license, before startup. Usually it wastes 10 seconds to just check, then it tries starting.

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I am having dorico pro license, which is expired.
Also having cubase pro 12 license, which is activated. After exiting halion sonic SE, this window shows. Unable to use halion sonic SE inside cubase.

I paid the money to steinberg, for all updates, now no one is there for support. Please refund it.

I got the same problem too,just showing no license found.I thought it was because when I entered the activation code and load,the accessing program suddenly had no response,so I killed it.Then the elicenser showing that I already got access.But still I get “no license found” everytime I open HAlion sonic SE 3.