Cubase 12 hangs on startup and closing

When I start Cubase 12.0.10 it hangs, and I close it with the Win 11 task manager. On the second try the program opens but with the repeated warning of preferences. When closing the program it always hangs, you have to close it with the win 11 task manager.
These things did not happen with version 12.


Hi @Anchel,

Does Cubase also hang when you start it without 3rd party plug-ins?

Have you already tried to start with fresh preferences?

Hi Matthias,
I haven’t tried it, but it would be absurd not to be able to use third-party plugins.
I’ve been using the program since Cubase Score, and I haven’t seen a version as unstable as this 12.

Thank you for being interested.



No, Antonio, I am not asking you to use Cubase without 3rd party plug-ins constantly. I am just trying to pin down the problem. I am looking for clues.

with version 12.00 it did not happen

The only new plugin is Vienna Synchron Player

So when you start Cubase without 3rd party plug-ins there is no issue?

It always happens when I start Cubase for the first time, the second time it opens without problems,
When closing, working for a short time, it closes fine, if I’m there for a long time, the project closes fine, but Cubase does not close.
I have tried to initialize without add-ons and it opens fine and closes fine, but the second time it always does fine and it has been a while, now, closing and starting

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Now I have opened cubase without plugins, I have opened a blank project, I have left it open while I was writing to it and when I close the project it does it well but cubase does not close

Hey guys!
So, if you are having issues with Cubase 12 Pro freezing while launch or while you close it, i found a solution. So, if you are having previous Cubase versions like 10.5 or 11, you will need to delete the preferences files for the previous versions (you can back them up and then replace them) and then you need to start Cubase 12. Afterwards you can copy back the preferences for the old versions. It seems like after the installation, when you launch Cubase 12, it takes the preferences from the previous versions and it seems there are some compatibility issues.
You can find the preferences files location below:

On Windows, preference files are stored in the following location: “\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg<program name>\”.

On macOS, preference files are stored in the following location: “/Library/Preferences//” under your home directory.

For me it worked, hopes that it works for you too!
Good luck!

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When Cubase hangs, you can force the creation of a dump file with the task manager, so it may give you some clues about what process is making Cubase not closing as it should:

  1. Open Windows Task Manager
  2. Select the Processes tab
  3. Right-click the desired process
  4. Select Create Dump File
  5. Wait until a notification is presented for successful creation of the dump file
  6. A dialogue will appear with the location of the saved dump file
  7. After the file is created, go to the folder specified in the Dumping Process dialog in Windows Explorer to access the dump (.dmp) file.

Well, I did it when I updated to Cubase 12.0.0 and then I had no problems, I opened Cubase 10 once by mistake and it turned out that it made a new folder, which I have now renamed and Cubase 12.0.20 has stopped crashing on startup and close.

Glad that it helped you!
I am also having 2 versions, you can keep working on both of them, only that you have to backup the Cubase 10 or 11 preference first, then delete both, the old Cubase 11 pref and new Cubase 12 pref, open Cubase 12, set it up and then copy back the Cubase 10 or 11 pref and you’ll be fine.

This indeed works, however I found it is important to save and close at least one project (even an empty one) for it to work.

Also, if you open a project from an old version of Cubase, it seems to cause it to hang again.

I was having a problem with C12 hanging on the VST3 scan. I followed the directions in this thread removing the UserPreferences files from the C10 and C11 folders and C12 then opened. Thanks guys!

The only problem I now have is that my VSTi and Plug-in folders did not migrate over, so I have to set them up and re-populate them from scratch. I don’t recall this being a problem going from C10 to C11 (I skipped C10.5). Are the VST Instruments and plug-in lists stored in User Preferences file?


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Are you deleting just the UserPreferences.xml files, or the entire folder - Cubase 11_64, for example?

I moved the User Preference files from the C10 and C11 folder to my desktop. C12 then started properly. I opened an existing project in C12, saved it and closed the program. I then returned the Preference files from my desktop back to their original folders, opened C12 again and everything worked fine except my VSTi and Plugin folders were missing most of their content.

The VSTi and Plugin folders are intact in C11, so I took some screenshots of their content and am re-building them in C12.


So now I’ve lost 2 days of work re-building my VSTi and Plug-in list. Cubase 12 “Pro” is once again hanging on the VST3 scan even in Safe Mode “Disable Program Preferences”. Even some of the Steinberg Plug-ins like Rev-X won’t load. And to top it all off, Cubase 11.0.20, which has been running great since the day I installed it is now exhibiting the same behaviour. Thanks Steinberg.


This worked for me! - Thank you very much! <3

Brand new install. No previous versions have been installed on this PC. Cubase 12.0.52 exhibits the same behaviour as Anchel outlined. First attempt at loading I have to terminate the programme using task manager. Second time, works as expected. Exiting the programme allows me sufficient time to read War & Peace.

For me everything remains the same, after almost a year. Win 11 task manager is essential to be able to open and close Cubase 12.0.52, only sometimes there is luck and cubase, it works by itself, without help.