Cubase 12 Hardware Tab in MixConsole

Hello there!

I have Cubase 12 Elements and an MR816csx audio interface. I’m trying to understand better the routing of the channel strip. From the guide there is this explanation:

However I cannot see the dot moving, and it appears like I only have 2 configuration. The first one without effect (notice that the dot is in the middle not above as shown in the guide):
While this is with the effect active (notice that from the way the effect is behaving the dot should be at the bottom not the middle, because it is recording with the effect on the channel and not using it only on the monitor):

I cannot seem to move the effect in any other position… Is this an Elements version limitations or there is some wrong setting? I would like to have the Channel Strip only on the monitor and record the raw signal in Cubase but I can’t seem to apply this setting…
Does anybody have a solution for this?