Cubase 12: Import tracks from project - cannot uncheck all the boxes

When trying to uncheck the boxes at “Track Data to be Imported” it always leaat least one box checked, no matter what I do.


It doesn’t make sense to don’t import either Events and Parts or Channel and Inspector Settings. If you would disable both options, you wouldn’t import anything.

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First of all, you may be right. I just checked this in Cubase 10 and it behaves similarly.

You see, the reason I stumbled over this is that I am trying to open a project that is making Cubase crash upon loading.

Diagnosing the file, I started importing the instruments one by one. As I was not sure if it is just the instrument, channel settings or events causing the problem, I started unchecking these boxes.

From my understanding of the logic of these settings, when unchecking everything, I end up with just the instrument without any effects added to the channels effect chain and no events and parts.

But that doesn’t seem to be possible, does it?


You are right, that’s not possible.