Cubase 12: imported channels/instruments not properly routed to imported sends


Imported Channels are not properly assigned to the send channel I also imported from a previous project with similar channel setup.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create project with an instrument and a FX channel. Assign a send to the created FX channel and save project.

  2. Make a new project, import instrument and FX channel

  3. You will notice that no audio is transferred to the FX channel despite it being displayed as routed and active

  4. Only reassigning that send will make it work again

Here is a video of the problem:

Hope this helps find your bug!



I just noticed that in addition to the broken send channel, the actual output of all my imported instruments is also not working properly. I have to re-assign their main target to “Stereo Out” - otherwise I am left with only the reverbed signal from the send channel…or nothing at all.

The tracks were imported from a project that was saved with slightly older version of Cubase 12 though. I think one release before the current one…not sure if that can be an issue

already reported to steinberg (@Martin.Jirsak)