Cubase 12 insert fx on all outputs tutorial

hi guys!

running CB 12, its pretty amazing, big thanks for all the hard work on this!!!

Does anybody know how i can put an insert effect on all my connected outputs?

I have a multi speaker configuration, with sub woofer, sub pack, headphones etc…
Would like to control all the sound of these outputs with EQ without touching the master stereo output.
My interface has 8 outputs and 2 headphone outs for this.

Ive read the Control Room manual, but its rocket science to me…

Does anybody know a tutorial video on this?

BIG Thankssss

Choose monitor button in control room.

Add insert you wish to use

thanks man, ive read this, and more…

i will try this again!

hi m8, i tried this again, but it does not work with the control room for me…

How do i connect the speakers/monitors/outputs/cues? It does not say in the manual.

I connected 2 CUEs in the Audio Connections->Control Room

Cue 1 → Output 01+02
Cue 2-> Output 03+04

How do i set this up so i can use the Control Room big red volume knob to control both Cue’s? The Mix button only blasts everything at full volume…

Or do i have to create 2 monitor channels instead of Cue’s? Because i cant use 2 monitor channels at the same time, they block each other…i can only switch between 2 monitors.

My goal is to use a subwoofer, so i need to lower and rise the volume of my outputs, while keeping the balance between these speakers.

There are no clear tutorials on this, or i cant find them…this should be easier